We need everyone from quality control officers to pickers in orchards throughout the local area. If you're interested in seasonal work, get in touch using the form below. 

The season starts in mid December and runs to the start of February.

Applicants must have an appropriate visa and work permits for the intended duration. If you do not have a current work visa or IRD number we can only offer you a job provisionally and help you obtain the necessary paper work. Paper work must be completed at least 7 days before scheduled start date.

Jobs available:

Packhouse floor staff

  • Operator

  • Floor Supervisor

  • QC Floor to office

  • QC Office based

  • Packhouse staff (no longer accepting applications)

Cool Store

  • Intake/Dispatch Supervisor

  • QC inwards

  • Forklift 1 & 2 OSH F

  • Strapper

  • Scanner

  • Stackers

Boxing Room

  • Boxing supervisor

  • Boxers

  • Forklift 3 OSH F


  • Cleaners


  • Office Assistant/runner


  • Bucket runners

  • Scanners

  • Team supervisors

  • Product transporter orchard to Packhouse

  • Pickers (no longer accepting applications)


A small number of Bunk rooms with 2,3 or 4 bunks are available. Tent sites and a small number of powered sites are also available.

Accommodation is available for seasonal workers from mid November until May. Minimum stay is 1 week. Bed, Mattress and Pillow are supplied, but no other bedding is included. We do have blankets and sheets available for hire at an additional charge.

Application Forms

To apply you need to complete the application form and tax form below.  You also need to send us a copy of your drivers licence and passport. Once you have completed this, please complete the expression of interest from below and email your forms to hr@centralpac.co.nz.

Apply for an IRD (NZ tax) number here: https://www.ird.govt.nz/how-to/irdnumbers/individuals/

Expression of Interest

Name *
Do you require accommodation onsite? *
Valid work visa? *
Please list any relevant work experience.

Note: We are no longer accepting applications for general pickers or packhouse staff.