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Our team of experienced staff offer all orchard management services and consultancy. Central Orchard Management provide high quality service on all aspects of cherry production, including the establishment of new orchards, pruning, fertilisers and spraying, as well as complete harvest solutions.   

A number of options are available from full management to contract work, so please contact us for further details.

Increase yield

and crop returns

Central Orchard Management works for orchards to increase yield and crop returns. A sister company of CentralPac, the business offers a complete range of services to support fruit growers. Completely on your terms, partner with Central Orchard Management to source grower services that benefit your business.

A full range of

orchard services

Central Orchard Management offer a full range of orchard services to benefit your business. 

  • Contract harvesting

  • Pruning and pre-season preparation

  • Orchard Leasing

  • New Orchard setup

  • Spray and fertiliser application

  • Complete orchard management

For all vacancy applications, please go to the form on the vacancies page. For all other questions, please use the form below.

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